Sunday, March 21, 2010

AF 8 Suck big time.

we emulate and benchmark best practices for the betterment of an organization, but

"copying without understanding is a disaster"

there is no knowledge without interpretation. if intepretation, which represents an activity of the mind, is always subject to the check of further experience, how is knowledge possible at all?...

knowledge is not possible without a theory, and experience alone does not establish a theory.

when people do not understand the theory of knowledge:

- they don't know how to plan and accomplish learning and improvement
- they don't understand the difference between improvement and change
- problems will remain unsolved, despite their best efforts.

in other word...

"Akademi fantasia productions are big ass stupendous horrible mule"

What the hell is wrong with them,

They think they can do anything they want and get away with it.

Motif tiba-tiba nak jadi Idol show, tapi tahap production yang sangat pepets? This year AF, walaupun baru dua minggu proved to be the most horrible production of AF ever, from the pengetua, the advertiser, the team, the pelajar, the show and everything about it is so wrong and so not Akademi Fantasia.

The only nice thing about it, is Sarimah Ibrahim.

merajuk. This is the end of my Akademi Fantasia review for this year
pp/s : Please kick Alif already... aiyoooooooooo hazabbbbbb
ppp/s : Told you si Ain tu is a Diva.. tak caya..


@xiM said...

memang SUCK GILA AF kali ni!!
sakit hati nak tengok.ntah hapa hapa.

TapirBiru said...

alaa kak, jangan aar berenti komen pasal AF8,

dah ler AF8 hampeh, sekurang-kurangnye terhibur gak kitorang baca komen akak tu...

Soul Chaser said...
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Manusia Bertopeng Hollow said...

aha.. mmg tak best pon AF kali ni.. hampeh san..

BlueShipHeart said...

AF8 yang makin tak best atau kita yang semakin tua..hehe

Independent Queen said...

it's time for a wrap. Let AF8 be the last season lah kan. Suggest Astro buat rancangan realiti lain pulak.. AMH..Akademi Mak Hayam..

[Y]..Just [Y] said...

Please dont stop..Af need You..