Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Regrets

Warning : this video clip might be offensive to some. Watch it at your own risk.

Have it ever crossed your mind that one day you might just dropped dead out of a sudden, and you regret not telling your loved one enough how much you love them.

Just taking this opportunity to tell everyone that I love, I love you so much.

Habibie, Thank you.

No Regret!


Independent Queen said...

Watching it make me smile and wanting to have that feeling.. it is a pure love, regardless.

Fiebie said...


Lee Novotny said...

Mak sokong noks...no regrets and do not take things for granted..gitu!

p/s tak tengok lagi video ni.,.but will do

imahlenggok said...

aiyoo..fb very de konsep berkasih-kasihan.Mak kena tarik lagu apa nih?

sila pilih:
1. Tinggallah sayang , tinggal pujaan
2. Orang yang kusayang-sayang
3. Bila kau kata kau sayang


Fiebie said...

lee, kan. tak leh regret. hidup mesti diteruskan.

imah : sila tarik lagu kak eton