Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rojek Tonggek Revisited


Just something to share. Akak received a comment from a readers pasal rojak tonggek tu. Katanya

noel said...

if i'm not mistaken this is what we penangites called 'Lok-lok'. it was banned in the 90's if not mistaken as they found out that sharing the dipping souce was the culprit for spreading of hepatitis b or c at that time

January 5, 2011 1:02 AM

Emmm. Noel made in interesting point.

And i hope everyone reading please be more careful bila makan Rojak Tonggek ini. Sama jugak bila kita makan Steamboat yang orang jual tepi jalan tu. Especially in the case of rojak tonggek, the food is very raw and easily contaminated.

Putting something in your mouth and dipping it again in in the sauce will spread all the kuman-kuman like a horse on a race track.

Maybe if you still wants to eat this rojak, please ask them to put it in an individual plastic bag and pour the dipping sauce in it. Kesian kalau kita suruh kedai-kedai tu tutup pulak kan.

Anyway, thanks Noel for the comment.


@rep said...

baru jer nak menonggek tadi.. terus hilang stim!!!

lilisz said...

aiseyy.. dah lama kempunan nak makan rojak tonggek.. tapi akak xleh menonggek kat sana, satg kena libas vontot tu plak dek boypren.. huhu

anw love to read more from u..