Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sex and the City

Sedih, dah dua minggu tayang baru le akak nak tengok. Tapi janji dapat tengok itu yang penting.

Anyway, cantik tak background baru blog ni sekarang, berkat dari usaha blogger nak mencantikkan lagi blog-blog bawah naungannya.

Nampak cam kelas kan.

Macamana tah feeling kuat.

Anyway berbalik pada Sex and the City, akak rasa tak perlu le nak buat ulasan pun sebab rasanya ramai dah orang ulas filem ni. Bila baca kat internet banyak dapat bad review, as being not as good as the first one. Tapi bagi akak, akak tetap bagi two thumbs up. Sebab sex and the city is not meant to be a super serious movie. Its about celebrating life and celebrating it fashionably.

If you don't like any of these elements, sex, gay, fashion, glorious food, holiday, class, more sex, more gay, shopping, expensive clothes, shoes and outrageous accessories, complicated-i-want-a-perfect-love-my-way, and more sex... then you will totally hate this story.

But if you are:
1. gay
2. love shopping
3. a die hard fan sex and the city series
4. adore beautiful clothes
5. drool over sexy man, and
6. your motto in life is "biar papa asal bergaya"

you will definitely love it no matter what.

tapi what interest me, while i was watching it alone, after work, and there are only 5 people in the cinema at that time, which consist of a chinese and a malay couple, which makes me feel miserable and lonely and desperate, and hate my existence, and feel that the world is not being fair to me, with 200 grams of famous amos chocolate chip cookies that makes me feel useless and fat and ugly , which in fact is true, is that the movie was release for show by the malaysian censor board.


ada konek stim, ada puting tetek basah, ada perkataan fuck beberapa kali dan ada hand gesture tunjuk the middle fingers dan macam-macam lagi.

emmmmm... tak tau pulak semua itu dah diluluskan di Malaysia.

or someone did not do his job well masa censoring this movie.

Anyway, personally i love the movie so much and there are so many things to learn from it.

Itu je lah untuk hari ini.


bayieng said...

glad u love this movie as much as i did!!! ~weeeeeeeeeee

Independent Queen said...

U should invite me to watch SATC with u Fieb! Ima die hard fan and dont mind watching it 5 times!

[Y]..Just [Y] said...

motip tagline lebih kurang halal? :P

Endnuwar Cecilia Edderest said...

dear kakak.. i belum pi nonton lagi... mungkin tunggu the DVD pirate punya... then boleh tengok depan tv sambil telentang manja... jari jemari sibuk raba apa yang patut...raba remote ok.. not benda lain.. hotak u ols... so yellowish in color!