Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tribute to an angel

While most of our nations' leaders busy recommending the concept of one nation, wasting much of the public monies on promotional ads and enourmous posters that no one realize or even bother to stop and read, she has single-handedly, in her own way promoting the splendor of cultural diversity and racial harmony through her beautiful work, silently instilling love and solidarity to the people who appreciated her work.

A real candidate if alive worthy of a Datukship.

While everyone is busy doing film about "i, he, she and them", she make stories about "us"! The real us.

And in her quest to become colourless, she inspires a lot of people, although some find her to be a bit blunt and different to some extend she was labeled as a cultural disaster.

Albeit being very different, she is always honest in her opinion, she couldn’t care less of what some small people think of her, and she keeps on providing us love, tender, loving and care with her stunning works. While there are only few who could not understand her, many others admire her aspiration.

It will long before anyone could come even close to what she has achieved, internationally, placing Malaysian film into international fame, only it wasn’t Malaysian film at all, it was hers!

Falter not of how envious inhabitants treated her, she stood tall and become the hero to most who actually believe in her work, and what she wanted to transpire from it.

She is no longer with us, but her legacy will always remind us of how important to love one another regardless of one race, religion or status.

She is indeed an angel sent from above.

RIP Yasmin Ahmad,

semoga roh mu di cucuri rahmat, mendapat shafaat dan diletakkan bersama golongan orang yang dilindungi.


p/s: it will be very hard to watch TV nowadays during festival when there will be no more short movies of her that somehow move and make us smile.


| ..Asmidar Shahrizal.. | said...

Dat is one sweet article.Im totally moved reading it.. Love her so much..

KV said...

lps ni dah takde iklan raya yg best2. Alfatihah buat arwah.

fadz said...


Az Fabulous... said...

erm iklan raya, iklan deepavali, chinese new year...semua akan jadi iklan boring yang meaningless.

she has dne a great job in moving some people, nation and even country. Only if most of the BIG people listen.


nzjude said...

yeap babe. watched Yasmin's "Funeral" TVC (Aired in Singapore to promote family value), i just couldnt stop crying. Another one gone too soon :(

Leen AshBurn said...

I didnt even cry masa tahu MJ mati, but I was crying in the car this morning on the way to work listening to a tribute by BFM. Sedih betul :(

.::Radzman Osman::. said...

Yang pergi akan tetap pergi dan yang tinggal berusaha lah demi kejayaan....Hidup Fibie...Hidup Fibie..lepas nie dia mungkin dapat gantikan Arwah Yasmin kot....hiks larik lah mek...

::airswift:: said...

beautifully written.

@rep said...

al fatihah jer yg i mampu bagi

SINORA said...

hi fb..
1 terjemahan yg betul2 meruntun perasaan aku.. apa u tulis, itulah sebenarnya fikiran & perasaan sebenar kebanyakan kita..

semoga ada 'sesorg' yg celik
ketika membaca blog ini juga!!

God bless..