Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Laki kau kaya kah?

Laki korang kaya? Kalau seorang PLU lah, apa hadiah paling meletop korang pernah dapat?

i have seen kawan-kawan akak dapat hadiah melancong luar negara.

i have seen kawan dapat 800 pound sterling banked in by his bf from europe

i have known someone whose bf send flowers to his office every week, (every day if they are fighting)

1 have seen someone dapat kereta, including myself (mati lah kekwat)

i have seen someone driving a 5 series BMW bf dia beli cash.

i have even seen someone who got 2 houses and a rumah kedai.

And for the first time in my life i met someone who got a Bentley, a Mercedes, a bloody condominium at the pavilion costing almost 4Million, and a bloody fucking RM10 million in his bank account sampai the bank had to block his account sebab takut money laundering.

Fucking hell, lucky pussy.

Guess what they are all chubbies.

p/s: but i love my new bag yang akak dapat walaupun sales kat SOGO je. Thats the best present i could ever ask for. I love you habibie.